For more years than I can remember my summers were spent paddling the far north on extensive solo canoe expeditions. The longest trip spanning almost 4 months and many hundreds of kilometers, encompassing the Asheweig-Winisk-Frog-Fawn and Severn river systems. My travels have taken me to more popular destinations such as Algonquin, Temagami, Quetico and Wabakimi and I’m intimately familiar with all of them.

An avid steelhead angler, I’ve pursued these amazing fish since the late 1970’s and have been fishing with a center pin reel since 1980. My passion for the fish and the fishery is great and for a number of years now have been guiding steelhead anglers here in the Great Lakes region. My greatest pleasure comes from passing along my knowledge and seeing the happy smiles when people new to the sport are successful.

I’ve been on countless fly in fishing trips, truly one of my favorite things to do. In the process I’ve amassed an enormous amount of information on numerous outfitters and lakes in the north. Nowadays these trips go hand in hand with my writing as well as my travel planning and trip booking. I truly enjoy working one on one with people helping them plan their own adventure. With the number of contacts I’ve gained in this industry along with my storehouse of knowledge I guarantee I can help!

Most exciting is the launch of my own publication, Canada Fishing Guide Magazine!  The entire concept has been a natural progression for me, as I’ve been documenting my own travels for a great many years now. This just feels right, and all of us here at Canada Fishing Guide hope you’ll agree. Moving forward, our hallmark will be great stories combined with world-class photography – as much a visual feast as a great read. You won’t find a lot of “how-to” stuff here.  Every angler loves to fantasize about that “next big trip”. For many, myself included, it’s what gets us through the drudgery of everyday life. In essence, we’re here to offer you an attainable dream. If we can galvanize your imagination and ignite a spark… well then, we’ve accomplished our goal!

Currently living in Hamilton, Ontario with my two wonderful children Riley and Brendan, my goal is to pass along to them as much knowledge, love and passion for the outdoors as I can. My hope is to share at least some of that same passion with you.