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Miniss East Outpost Camp

Slate Falls Bunkhouse

Yelling Lake Outpost

Echoing Lake Camp

Air Dale’s Dave Lake Outpost Camp

West Point Camp on Lac Evans

Frontier Lodge on Great Slave Lake

Blackmur’s Otherside River Lodge

Gangler’s Maria Lake Mini Lodge

Trident Lake Outpost Camp

Air Dale Lodge

Mattice Lake Outfitters Mojikit Lake Outpost

Central Cabin At Eagle Island Lake St Joseph

West Cabin – Eagle Island With Slate Falls Outposts

East Cabin – Eagle Island With Slate Falls Outposts

Lodge Eighty Eight

Medhurst Lake Outpost

Kasba Lodge Kazan River Outpost

North Caribou Camps

Brace Lake Outfitters

Air Dale’s Apisabigo Lake Outpost Camp

Mattice Lake Outfitters Whitewater Lake Mini Lodge

John’s Lake Outpost

Asheweig River Outpost Camp

North Caribou Lake

Dayohessarah Lake

Missing Lake

Windsor Lake

White Owl Lake

Buck Lake Lodge

Ribes Lake

Sunshine Lake

Cam Lake

Canada Camp – Attawapiskat River

Anjigaming Lake

Dusey Lake

Abamasagi Lake