A Rundown Of Canada Fishing Guide’s 2017 Travel Destinations

Winoga Lodge in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, March 15-19. As an avid angler living in southern Ontario the winter months are usually down time. I ice fish some, but not as much as I used to. The premise for this trip is to go somewhere truly spectacular for a few days of hardcore ice fishing, somewhere where we’ll actually catch a large number of fish! On this trip we’ll be traveling to Sioux Lookout and staying in one of Winoga Lodge’s wonderful winterized cabins. With friend and ace angler Ben Beattie accompanying us we’ll fish a number of isolated spots and back lakes in the region for walleye, pike, whitefish and big lake trout. We’ll be mobile with snowmachines, portable huts and power augers and I have little doubt we’ll catch plenty. My son will accompany me on this trip and best of all it will be a grand adventure!


Algonquin Park canoe trip May 9-20. As a life-long paddler this trip is long overdue as it’ll be the very first canoe trip for my young son Brendan. He’s been a fortunate young lad having been on a large number of fly in fishing trips in his young life, but to date no paddling trips. It’s been a sore point with me and that will change this spring. Algonquin is a perfect choice for this trip. It’s close to home, has great fishing, and while there will be plenty of portages they will all be on manicured trails. Our route will take us through the northern part of the park starting at Kiosk. Along the way we’ll paddle some of the more remote brook trout lakes in the park and double carry more than 17 kilometers of portage trails. This will be a return to my roots and for my son an indoctrination to the sport.


Napken Lake outpost with Hearst Air, June 2-9. Far from any road, Napken Lake has long been considered one of Hearst Air’s premier trophy pike lakes along with never ending amounts of eater sized walleye. I have fished with Hearst several times now and have always had a fantastic trip and expect nothing less this year. Flat out, Hearst Air is one of the very best outfits I’ve used and a return trip to fish this far north camp was an easy choice. The camp at Napken is by all accounts rustic, but it’s warm, dry and clean and will be an ideal venue to fish the lake in what is quite easily the prime week of the season. Expect to see large numbers of trophy fish caught during this early spring foray deep into Ontario’s hinterland!


Misekumaw Lake outpost with Milton Lake Lodge in northern Saskatchewan, June 23-July 1. I’m always trying to unearth what I consider to be hidden gems when it comes to Canadian outpost camps and Misekumaw definitely falls into that category! Located in the far reaches of northern Saskatchewan, it’s a lake that has seen very little pressure over the last few years. Milton Lake’s new owners have refurbished and reopened the camp and it’s now available to anglers seeking a truly remote trophy fishing experience in an outpost setting. The lake is large, stretching over 18 kilometers from end to end and much of its waters are still unknown. Trophy pike up to and over 50″ long have been caught here, along with a large population of trophy sized lake trout. There is little doubt this trip will be special!


Burnie Lake outpost, with Gangler’s in northern Manitoba, July 22-29. Having fished Gangler’s Maria Lake camp in June of 2016, a return trip with who I consider to be Canada’s premier outfitter was a must! Anglers get to experience two great bodies of water at this camp. Burnie Lake, known for it’s ferocious trophy pike and Long Lake, an 18 mile-long section of the North Seal River system that features all four species, huge pike, trout, walleye, and arctic grayling. All in unbelievable quantities. Ganglers’ portage utilizing an on site ATV and trailer allows easy access to Long Lake. Both lakes are distinctly different and special, offering the best of the North Seal fishery. Like all of Gangler’s facilities, the Burnie outpost is 5 star and the trip is inclusive from Winnipeg, including all of your food. It will be a pure joy exploring this incredible fishery with such a great outfitter!


Edmund Lake outpost, with Elk Island Lodge in northern Manitoba, August 15-23. Located in far northeastern Manitoba, for a number of years Edmund had an operating lodge on its shores and was always considered to be one of Manitoba’s premier trophy pike fisheries. It still is. A quick look at the list of Manitoba Master Angler pike caught at Edmund over the years will astound you. Several years back the lodge went under and for the last few years Elk Island Lodge has been operating Edmund as an outpost camp. How cool is that? The opportunity to fish a lake as special as Edmund in an outpost setting is unheard of! Mid August will see the pike at their heaviest and mostly relating to the abundant beds of deep cabbage sprinkled all over this massive lake. For the angler seeking trophy pike in the far north this trip will be one you’ll want to monitor!


North Caribou Camps, in far northwestern Ontario, September 16-23. This will be my third trip to this incredible body of water, and why not? It is without a doubt the best outpost fishing experience available in the province of Ontario, bar none. Over 81,000 acres in size, North Caribou is a massive body of water and teems with trophy pike and insane numbers of girthy walleye. The fact that there isn’t a full service lodge operating on this lake is still a surprise, but that’s just fine with me. My two previous trips were in the spring so this mid September trip will see a change in tactics when it comes to the trophy pike. It will provide an interesting challenge, but I have no doubt I’ll crack the code. The fact is this year will be the first ever that the camp has been open past September 1, something that’s been long overdue. Fishing it at this time of year will be an amazing experience and will make for one heck of a story!


Obabikon Bay Camp on iconic Lake Of The Woods in northwestern Ontario, October 14-21. Those of you who follow my writings know I have a love for large esox, and that includes musky. The problem is I rarely get the opportunity to fish for musky anymore because of my crazy schedule. That will change this year! Obabikon is a first class remote island facility located in what many consider to be the most fertile fishing grounds in the entire lake. Mid October could quite easily see some real nasty weather up there, but it’s also prime time for truly behemoth musky! My crew and I, all hardcore fanatics, will do our level best to locate and catch some giants. For many reasons this will be a trip to remember and I’m sure it’s one you’ll want to watch out for!